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Record Crowds at the 2016 London MCM Comic Con


MCM Comic Con London 2016

MCM Comic Con London 2016 was held at the London Excel from the 27th to the 29th of May (Comic Con). This year it attracted record crowds, with over 133,000 over the 3 days.

MCM Comic Con Suicide Squad

MCM-Comic-Con-London 2016

The main attractions this year included plenty of Sci-fi and Anime/Manga related Cosplay including Star Wars, Marvel and DC. With Storm Troopers at every turn, old favourites were also present, with plenty of zombies and some truly amazing costumes. The majority of the costumes were from the new DC movie Suicide Squad, where the obsession follows through with the Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn: Portrayed by Cherry Pie Cosplay.

Jason Mataz Photography   Jason Mataz Photography

Digital Director of Omni Search, Graham Tester, attended this year’s Comic Con and enjoyed another new release screening: AMC’s The Preacher. Adapted from the DC/Vertigo Comics, the pilot episode for The Preacher was test screened to a very excited audience and was received extremely well. Not only that, but a Q&A session with Dominic Cooper, who plays Jesse Custer in the Amazon series was held.

Marvels Agents of Shield Comic Con

“Howard Stark, I mean Dominic Cooper, also mentioned the that Amazon Prime could also be looking at taking on the cancelled ABC’s Marvels Agent Carter, with Hayley Atwell
as Agent Peggy Carter – Netflix however was not mentioned,” Graham recounted.

Some of the cast from Marvels Agents of Shield, also attended this years Comic Con, including Elizabeth Henstridge, Luke Mitchell, Nick Blood and Lotte Verbeek from Marvel Agent Carter; they also hosted a Q&A session at the event.

MCM Comic Con 2016   Storm Trooper Cosplay    Snow Trooper Outfit

In other series news from this years Comic Con, the AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead comic con stand had a giant mock-up of the Abigail yacht, where you could play the latest in VR technology with The Walking Dead attacking you on every step. On a less creepy note, they also had an extremely mutilated zombie laying in a shabby rubber dingy where you could have a light discussion on how he lost his intestines.

Abigail Yacht - Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Comic Con 2016

MCM Comic Con London 2016   Baymax Costume

Ant Man Cosplay  Steve Austin Action Figure

Adam Driver SNL Star Wars

Other highlights over the three days included San Diego Comic Con regulars, Kunal Nayyar, (Raj) and Melissa Rauch, (Bernadette), from The Big Bang Theory signing autographs and meeting fans, as well as appearances from Erin Richards, (Babara Keen in DC’s Gotham), and Jesse Eisenberg, (Mark Zuckerberg from Social Network, Columbus from Zombieland and Lex Luthor in the formidable Batman vs Superman).

Aliens Cosplay  Bender Cosplay Comic Con   Jason Voorhees Costume

Batman Vs Superman Cosplay  Warwick Davis   Doctor Who Comic Con

Lady Rainicorn Cosplay  Monkey Cosplay Comic Con

Comic Con Game Battle  The Lost World

Harley Quinn Cosplay  Marvel Cosplay Comic Con

The Omni Team, found that our first Comic Con was truly an amazing experience and Graham our Digital Director will be making sure that everyone will be dressing up in our finest nerd outfits for the next one.

A massive thank you to the following people:


James Pestell – Photographer

Cherry Pie Cosplay – Harley Quinn

Jason Mataz – Harley Quinn Photographer

Andrew White
Maddie White

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