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Situation Normal – Everything’s perfectly fine here now thank you… How are you?

The hilarious response from Han Solo, that has kept fans amused for years. Especially these two!

Situation Normal was born from two guys love of all things pop culture and a desire to offer something different in the market of film inspired apparel. One of Mark’s (SN Senior Illustrator) talents is his speed at doing a design, which he does with just his finger on an iPad. ‘I sometimes have an idea and half an hour later I get a pic from him’, says Raf (SN Owner), it enables us to react very quickly to a new release or be picky with the designs and throw away something if not up to our high standards.




These standards are particularly noticeable in the choice of clothing direction they have taken with the brand, whilst others will just use the cheapest option available Raf has used his 12 years of knowledge in the fashion industry to the Brands advantage and only the best available will do.



Written by: Graham Tester

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