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Zip vs Billi Water Taps – The Biggest Names in Water Filtration

Zip vs Billi Water Taps

Zip taps and Billi water taps are two of the global market leaders for water filtration. But as the biggest names in the water industry, how do they differ?

Understanding how brands can differentiate themselves is an essential part of building a marketing strategy. It ensures that if you have competitors in your sector you can still have a space in the market.

Your brand is not just about your company logo, or your website. It’s about every element and message that you put into the public domain. This includes the designs and products you provide and the customer support you offer. Every touch with your company is part of your brand.

By analysing what sets two major competitors apart in an innovative industry, such as comparing Zip taps and Billi taps, we can show you that your marketing needs to go beyond the messages you are putting online.

Billi and Zip taps are Australian brands with a proven record for innovative water filtration systems. From an unknowing eye, you may not be able to spot any immediate differences in their brand offering. But look closer and you’ll see what sets them apart.

Zip vs Billi

A Brief History

Zip taps is a privately owned, Australian business that has been manufacturing water filtration systems since 1947.

In the 1960s Zip taps expanded its range of taps to over-sink boiling water heaters. This enabled them to cater to canteen, restaurant, factory, and office kitchens. This changed the way people drank water, as hot water no longer needed to come from a kettle but a tap.

Billi taps were established in 1989 in Australia, and in 1990 they launched the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled water system. They were the first manufacturer to combine instant boiling and chilled water taps.

Billi’s inspiration for their invention came from the traditional Australian ‘Billy’ can. In Australian history this is a pot which was used to boil water over an open fire, providing water for making tea, as well as purifying the water for the next day of travel.

While Zip taps were the first to create the concept of instant boiling water, Billi took the innovation a step further to combine two water systems into one. This shows us that even though the original idea by Zip taps was ground-breaking, you can take an idea, improve it, and become a market leader.

Enhancing products and services is what can set you apart in a competitive industry. We’ve seen this throughout history in many industries. Google wasn’t the first search engine, but now they’re an industry leader.

Zip vs Billi


When you compare Zip taps and Billi taps the key area you have to look at is the innovation that each brand brings to the table. While Zip and Billi may have a lot in common, especially both being global competitors in the water system industry, some significant differences set them apart. In terms of their products, both brands use a single filter with two filtration options. Filtering out dirt, chlorine, sediment and bad tastes from water. However, when it comes to launching new products there are slight differences in the inventions that each brand is launching. For example, Billi offers the only chilled water system on the market that does not require ventilation, even when installed under the counter.

Billi also works to their SET advantage. This is a concept that they follow for each of their new products. Ensuring it’s space-saving, energy-efficient, and time-efficient.

As with any brand that sits within a competitive market, innovation must be continuous and provide something desirable that goes beyond customer need. You can see this with brands such as Apple. While they are market leaders, they continue to update their products and design.

Billi vs Zip

Design & Style 

Both Billi taps and Zip taps have a large range of water filtration systems that fit seamlessly in a home or an office. However, there are differences when it comes to design and style options. Zip taps provide styles such as the Arc, a square design in the Cube, and an all-in-one-tap, the Celsius. Billi taps offer a twin tap bar-style dispenser, the single tap Billi Quadra, and the more traditional Alpine Sparkling font.

However, in terms of colours, Billi provides a lot of appeal with a vast array of colour options such as lime green, grape, matte white and even customisable colour options to align with your company colours.

These extensive colour options mean that customers such as interior designers, architects and specifiers can create bespoke styles in kitchens around the world. Making it unique to the end-user.

While there are clear differences between Billi taps and Zip taps when it comes to style and design, this shows us once again that it can be the look and feel of a product that makes all the difference.

In a competitive market such as the water industry, there needs to be a clear differentiator, and for these competitors, it comes in the form of their tap design.

Customer Support

When it comes to marketing it’s not a one-way street. Customers should be nurtured from the first touch with a brand to the last touch, and it’s how you do this that can often determine the success of your brand in a competitive market. As far as customer service is concerned between Zip and Billi, Billi taps take the top position.

Billi has an exceptional level of customer service which has consistently been highlighted in their Net Promoter Score. They have a strong reputation for quick response times and being personable to their customers.

When you build a brand reputation such as this, you naturally gain an edge in a competitive market because people want to know they’re going to be looked after when they purchase your product.

Customer support is often a major area that brands fall down on when it comes to their marketing. They may be doing well online, and have the right look and feel to their products, but ultimately its how the brand makes people feel supported through the journey of the purchase.


Zip vs Billi – The Conclusion

By comparing Zip taps and Billi taps, two huge competitors within the water industry, we’ve gained an insight into what sets them apart and how this can make all the difference in securing brand exposure. The water filtration market is a growing sector, by 2028 the industry is set to be worth $103 billion.

Due to the rise in water-borne diseases and the growing demand for safe and clean water around the world, water is big business.

As the market continues to expand, it will be interesting to see how Zip taps and Billi taps continue to innovate to keep their positions as global leaders.



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