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Norwich Youth Football Coach Releases His Third Book

Norwich Youth Football Coach Releases Amazon Chart Topping Book

It’s not every day you meet somebody who’s book has almost topped the Amazon online charts. But, Pawel Guizejko has done just that. His most recent book ‘Reading Kids: Secret tips behind children behaviour”, released on both paperback and Kindle, has been described as ‘game-changing’ in reviews. So, what does this book cover, and why do you need to buy it?

Reading Kids is based on Pawel’s own experiences teaching grassroots football. Using his knowledge and first-hand experience, he covers child behavioural patterns, creativity, motivations and much more.

Having graduated with a Masters from Warsaw’s Physical Education Academy, Pawel set his sights on America and moved there to coach youth football until 2009, when he returned to Europe to coach here in the UK. Since then, he has coached for the FA and multiple mid-level football teams to a high standard. Now though, he focuses on his real passion – youth football. His knowledge is so impressive, he’s even been on Radio Norfolk talking about it!

What Can You Learn?

During his time working with children, Pawel became fascinated with using more creative, challenging ways of training. For him, this was the key to getting impressive results time after time and motivated and engaged players. By challenging the children he was coaching, Pawel’s understanding of child psychology and the way they learn deepened even further.

Now his third book, Reading Kids is a continuation of Pawel’s fascination with cognitive sports psychology in children, and fundamental motor skills for young players.

“Reading Kids is a game changing book that will help you take your football coaching to a whole new level. As an FA Level 1 coach working with children in grassroots football, I’ve seen first hand how narrow the focus is on developing footballers. There is little or no regard to the individual child, their personality, or their unique emotional and psychological needs. In fact, sadly, much of the coaching I have seen is probably to their detriment.

This is why Reading Kids is such an important book. It challenges the coach to put the person before the player, to experience football coaching from the perspective of the child not the adult, and to fundamentally rethink what it is we should be doing as coaches.

If you want a book that gives formulaic football drills and session plans, this book is not for you. If you want a book that challenges you to grow as a coach and better respond to the needs of the individual children you coach, then this book is for you.”

Unlocking Children’s Potential

By combining the complexity of child psychology with first-hand grassroots coaching experience, Pawel’s new book allows the reader – be it coaches, parents, or players, to unlock the potential of every child.

Using techniques and theories learnt both from paper and practice, the book covers just how to help children succeed both on and off the pitch. By treating children as equals, learning to communicate with them and ensuring they are motivated and positively challenged, Pav believes that behavioural issues that can prohibit progression during youth football are tackled head-on.

If you’re a coach, parent, or even a keen player yourself, this book is a must-read. Buy it now on Amazon, or download for free on Kindle. Or Google Play here.

Also if you want to see more, you could always check out his Facebook page here.

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