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All successful companies now require an online component to their business. Search engine results generate interest. Effective web design and digital content helps visitors understand your unique offering. Quality development ensures your site is correctly displayed.

Whilst placing an emphasis on search marketing, Omni Search balances these elements to create the ideal digital strategy. As one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies for local search and SEO Norwich, Omni Search is the perfect fit for your business.

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Appear in search engine results

Generating online visibility through search is the first step in your online sales process. Where are you sourcing your audience? Is your website’s technology configured correctly? Does your content have the necessary relevancy to attract interest and authority?

Improve your online visibility

You know how your business generates interest. You understand that you are in a competitive struggle to achieve ranking. Content marketing, SEO Norwich, and effective link building can turn your website from a supporting player into a star performer.

Refine your site for your audience

Gone are the days when people access the net through desktops. Smartphones are now dominating the eye-line of the modern web audience. Are you taking advantage of the unique functionality of these devices and ensuring your site displays your key messages correctly?

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Why Omni Search?
SEO Norwich, Norfolk
Omni Search helped Epic Studios gain a 2.3 million place rise in their overall Alexa Global ranking, generating an 80% increase in the number of visitors to the business’s website in a single business quarter.
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Gain online visibility with SEO Services

Achieving the strongest rank for your site requires an understanding and balance of several key elements. Omni Search is unique in this aspect. As a SEO company, Not only do we understand how to create relevant content, but we also know how to display it with the optimal technology.


A full review is conducted into establishing what aspects of your existing online strategy are working for your business – and where Omni Search can improve performance


Working in line with your available resources, a plan of activities, content and technical refinement is constructed to achieve the results necessary to generate traffic


We inform you of our successes and our flexible and reactive system of approach ensures that your strategy is adaptable enough to overcome any unseen challenges

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Proven track record

Work with Omni Search to access our years of experience generating SEO Norwich traffic in a wide variety of business sectors.

Instant results

Unlike other digital marketing Norwich agencies, as we locate greatest areas of opportunity, you will experience an increase in visibility from month one.

Conversion focused

More than simply generating traffic, Omni Search demands the attention of an audience that wants your products or services.

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Supporting SEO with Website Design

If you want your website to maximise your visibility in search results, key technical elements must be present. Not just a digital marketing norwich based agency, Omni Search also create impressive, functional and responsive websites optimised for SEO and search engine ranking. For web design norwich, contact us today and see how we can develop a new site for you and bring more traffic to your business.


Can smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs all
correctly display the full functionality of your website?


The structure of your site’s code will contain all the essential
components to communicate with search engine technology.
As an SEO company, we have the necessary technical
insights to build the best site for you.


Your website will be flexible enough to adapt in response to your
business growth and changes in search engine algorithms

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Maximise your brand awareness with a prominent social media presence. Social Media Marketing will increase inbound traffic to your site through consistent and high quality content shared on your channels, and allow your business to increase it’s reach and engage with specifically targeted potential customers. By creating and publishing relevant and interesting content, not only will your business be trusted, it will also lead to rich customer experiences through positive interactions on your social channels.

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Social media is the easiest way to reach your desired target audience. We will help you analyse this audience and target content at them directly.


Having active social profiles filled with content and testimonials builds trust between you and your audience.


We will help you create relevant, informative, exciting content to attract your audience. By assessing your industry, audience and brand we will create the best possible content.

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