Free SEO Report

Free SEO Report

Omni Search give you the direct information regarding the standings of your webpage below. Our unique SEO report is completely free and requires only a small amount of information to get started! By simply entering your URL and the keyword or phrase you feel your webpage should be recognised for, or would like your webpage to be noticed for, our free SEO report will provide you with information on where you currently stand for this key word or phrase.


The report will give you detailed information on not only for key wording but also for a range of other webpage data. Included in our SEO report for example is analysis on the speed of your website. It will let you know how fast your webpage is in terms of how quickly it loads and the size of the page itself.


Free SEO Report



Not only this but you get social analysis. You can use this free SEO tool to see how engaged in social media your website is and what platforms your page could engage in more. These recommendations are clearly displayed as a task list, enabling you to make quick and effective changes to your webpage upon our advice. Recommendations are also clearly displayed later down the report in an easy accessible task bar from all analysis areas. For example, the report could suggest fixes such as mentioning the key word you wish to rank for in your header or first 100 words of content.


Not only can you check how successful your webpage is, but the best thing about this free SEO report is that you can directly see how it compares to your competitors. Simply type in the URL of your competitor underneath your own and Omni will clearly show you where either you or your competitor has the edge!


All of this information on your webpage, as well as your that of your competitors will load in under a minute. So let’s get started!

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