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Introducing The Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company

Bespoke Iron Beds

How it started

When Amanda and Stephen ordered two Iron beds for their sons that didn’t meet expectations, they were left very disappointed. This got them thinking, and after a random comment was made and some careful consideration, the beginning of their journey began.

Starting in a small industrial unit in Hunstanton, the Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company was founded. Facing challenges along the way and learning many lessons, this gave way for the foundations of something truly special.

From their little factory shop they then opened a beautiful double fronted Victorian shop, only 5 minutes away from Sandringham. Due to the quality of their beds, they soon made themselves popular. In no time at all they found themselves advertising nationally and moving yet again along with their two sons, to a workshop not far from the beach, hidden away in the small hamlet of Wolferton, on the Sandringham Estate and the showroom located in the Norfolk town of Swaffham.

Iron Beds

Bespoke Brass & Iron Beds

It starts with the highest-quality iron and brass bars that arrive at the workshop straight from the mill. These are almost all sourced from the UK, and from local suppliers, which allows them to visit the factories more often. Enabling them to check the quality of the materials is consistent to ensure each bed is produced to the highest standards.

The solid iron bars are cut to size and each part is carefully welded together by hand using a combination of complex welding techniques. The bonus is wrought iron is a low-carbon option and has often been selected as a material of choice due to its flexibility for ornamental ironwork.

The frames are all polished and powder-coated and as each bed is made by hand it is carefully checked for quality control. You’ll feel the difference due to its weight the moment you pick up your bed for the first time. These beds are designed to last a lifetime and come with a guarantee representing that.

Iron Beds

Royal Warrant of Appointment

The Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is now a leading manufacturer of iron and brass beds, and they have been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment as Bed Manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen. Given in 2021 because they have been a direct supplier to the Royal household since 2013.

The Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company stands out from other manufacturers, mainly because of their high standards of craftsmanship, quality, service and innovation. But also because they are an approved member of the guild of master craftsmen, and hold the status as the sole carbon-neutral iron bed maker, with 100% renewable energy, and due to have zero net carbon emissions by 2030.

As the family business has been built organically and sustainably to ensure they support permanent jobs locally and within the UK, this has directly and positively impacted the lives of their employees, suppliers, and the local economy.


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