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One of the latest and most effective techniques of generating off-site back links and interest in your website is through digital PR. Omni Search, as a PR agency, Norwich specialise in digital PR and frequently win coverage in both local and national press.

Our copywriters build press releases around your business updates, news and accomplishments to create compelling content that can be shared on a locally or industry focused basis through the relevant news channels.

Through backlinks based in the content, this method of outreach allows you to build an extensive referring network through high quality and authoritative domains – one of the most important elements of an effective off-site SEO strategy. As a content marketing agency Norwich, Omni Search understand the value of high-quality backlinks and the opportunities presented by allowing your business to be seen.

Digital PR undertaken by Omni Search is distributed on either a global, national or local scale depending on what the primary target of the release is. Omni’s connections as a PR agency Norwich mean they can distribute the release to up to 20,000 people.

Content Marketing Norwich
"Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them."
Doug Kessler
Digital PR Norwich

Content Marketing

Uniquely Valuable Content

Our team of writers and social media journalists can develop and write evergreen content for you and your businesses blog, ensuring the topic never goes out of trend and retains its value for your customers or fans. Consistent, optimised content is beneficial for SEO and search engine ranking as every post published has the opportunity to rank for their chosen keywords or phrases.

Content marketing by Omni Search works seamlessly alongside any existing marketing strategy. All content authored by our team of writers is written to provide information and be uniquely valuable to your direct target audience.


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