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Digital Marketing Norwich

Digital Marketing

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SEO is constantly evolving. Metrics that were once central to ranking have fallen by the wayside, and new criteria have arisen to take their place. One factor that is becoming increasingly important is your social media activities. Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, shares on LinkedIn and traffic on blogs – these scores are now factored into the equations used by sites like Google and Bing to assess the value of your content. It’s a simple formula. When informative and exciting media is distributed on your social network, your site flourishes.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.”


Beyond Broadcast

One of the greatest challenges for business running social media activities is achieving the change in mindset necessary to tap into the potential of this new, vibrant world. Many agencies simply adopt a posting style strategy where they deploy their own content whilst sharing updates from other channels.

Omni Search adopts a different approach. By identifying key individuals within your industry and your local sphere, we create a content network where your best ideas and information permeate the relevant channels necessary to gain traction. Whilst most companies understand the importance of media – we harness the power of the social.

Demonstrating Relevancy

Trending Content

Every type of content on the internet must be utilised in a very specific manner. News reports must be up to the minute and relevant. Too early and no one is interested, too late and the story has happened. Seasonal articles should be shared at the appropriate time. Posts and updates need attention the moment they arrive on your channel. Social media’s fast paced mechanics demand an attentive and reactionary service.

We study the rhythms and flows of social media marketing. From the ideal posting times for your audience and customers through to the types of third party content guaranteed to generate conversations, Omni Search knows how to transform your social media.

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”

Brian Solis

Effective On-Site Content

Digital Marketing Management

Establish authority. Demonstrate competency. Engage with stories, case studies and testimonials that narrate your company’s success. Blogging has evolved beyond merely producing new content to satisfy Google’s new content criteria. Bright and vibrant articles and news about your business not only improve your exposure to search, but also engage, inform and ultimately sell your products and services.

At Omni Search we work with blogging experts who understand how to profile and present your messages and content in an intriguing and desirable format. Creating genuine value and support for your potential customers is becoming an increasingly vital first step in establishing an online relationship. And blogging is the ideal vehicle for you to show off your expertise.

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing Norwich

Following a full review of your existing activity, we analyse the optimal channels to attract interest. We utilise the most relevant social media platforms to promote your business. Focusing on the areas of most potential allows us to produce the greatest results.

Florists post pictures on Instagram. Financial service companies generate added value advice articles on LinkedIn. Fashion brands tempt and intrigue consumers on Facebook with limited time offers. Our experience means we have an intrinsic awareness of the way each type of customer behaves on various channels.

Our Process

One of the essential constraints of today’s social media content is that it accurately reflects and captures the ethos of your business. Personality should be woven into every post and update. Clients and potential customers need to be able to recognise your voice and values. How do we achieve this at Omni Search UK?

Utilising a proven methodology of learning about your space, competition and business, our social media experts build a clear communication strategy that embraces your audience. Once we have established your voice, we then start to talk, shout and converse about your business, success and beliefs. See more about social media here


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