Scooterpac’s Latest Triumph, Invader – The New Off Roader

“Already leading the way with innovative designs, Scooterpac founded in 2014, have outdone themselves with their latest solution to off-road travel within the mobility scooter world.

Scooterpac have always dedicated themselves to providing the most advanced designs and concepts. With their mission statement for enhancing the lives of the less able, they are the leading designers and manufacturers of the mobility scooter sector.
The latest design, named the Invader, allows off road travel on more challenging territory, you don’t have to be stuck on pavements and roads any longer. With its front and rear wheel drive there are many places you’ll be able to explore. Capable of travelling on gravel, dirt tracks, sand and even snow. Think of the possibilities, being able to explore areas that were previously off limits and not only that, you can take the Invader on your travels. Explore woodlands, fields, dirt tracks, even the beach.
It was clear after intensive research covering not only the UK but also Europe that there was an evident gap in the market for modern off-roading solutions. So during the 2020 Covid pandemic, the company utilised their time coming up with this revolutionary concept, ready for launch in 2021. After showcasing their designs at the British Healthcare Trade Show in June, the valuable feedback allowed them to secure the final design solution ready for production.
The Invader is an all-wheel drive mobility scooter that has a battery life that can cover up to an incredible 30 miles, featuring three speed settings of 4mph, 8mph and 16mph. There are no compromises here, design and function both being at the forefront of the design. Featuring super grip enormous surface area tyres, ensuring extensive traction and super monster shock absorbers allowing you to navigate any terrain at ease. It also includes super bright surround lighting, secure safety off-road padded seating, biker footrests and even storage at the rear. With two colours to choose from, Fury Red and Harley Black. You’ll be able to explore areas that were previously off limits. “

Company Contact:
Nouvotech House
Harbour Road
Oulton Broad
NR32 3LZ

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