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Carbonated Water: Do You Know the Health Benefits?

Billi UK

Billi UK Highlight Health Benefits of Soda Water

It’s a well-known fact that natural spring water is good for us. That’s why workplaces and schools all around the world are focusing more and more on providing available drinking water. A simple initiative that contributes to high mental and physical performance.
Good hydration is key to maintaining a healthy body, and water is vital to our well-being. Mineral spring water has the additional benefit of being packed with chemical elements and compounds that are vital to healthy living! Minerals such as calcium, which is essential for muscle function and the structure of teeth and bones.

But what about carbonated water: is it just as good for us as still water? Well… Some research states it’s even better for us.

Billi UK Sparkling Water

Carbonated water (also known as sparkling) is sometimes referred to as soda water, because sodium compounds are often added. In tests, sodium has been proven to contribute to the prevention of loss of calcium from bone tissue. Retention of calcium in our bones is one of sodium’s many vital roles in our bodies, along with fluid balance and effective functioning of the nervous system.

A persistent need to clear the throat can be irritating. Tests have demonstrated that sipping carbonated water relieves the sensation of something caught in the throat. It does so more effectively than sipping still water, and when the carbonated water is chilled, the results are even more impressive. The basic swallowing reflex is stimulated by drinking carbonated water; an effect that is enhanced when the sparkling water is at a low temperature.

Carbonated water dispenser Billi

Swallowing is not the only stage of digestion that can benefit from carbonated water. People with digestive issues have experienced relief from stomach pain and constipation as a direct result of drinking sparkling water on a regular basis.

The renowned Billi brand of under-counter filtered water dispensers is known for its environmentally friendly, space-saving units. These units fit perfectly in the office and the conference room while looking sleek. With the use of heat exchange technology, boiling and chilled water is dispensed swiftly from a single  tap. As the manufacturer and supplier of units that have the capacity to dispense up to 250 drinks per hour and can be tucked away in a cupboard without the need for ventilation, the Billi brand is synonymous with innovation and quality.

Billi Under Counter Dispenser

But did you know that Billi UK also makes units that dispense chilled and ambient sparkling water?

With temperature control and adjustable carbonation levels, the Alpine Sparkling, the Quadra Sparkling, and the Quadra Plus Sparkling models will provide you with carbonated water on tap. Enjoy a fizzy, calorie-free drink with all the hydrating quality of plain water, all through the day.  Furthermore, enjoy with a slice of lemon or lime for added zest, or a drop of cranberry or orange juice for sweetness. A glass of sparkling water can liven up the water-drinking experience. Just think about those health benefits!

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