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Contract Support for Your Business – Cracknell Law

Contract Support for Your Business

Terms & Conditions are an everyday part of your life and you may not even know it. From the advert that you just listened to on the radio, hurriedly adding Terms & Conditions apply’, to the mobile app that you just downloaded by ticking the ‘I have read these Terms & Conditions’ button, without giving it any further thought.

However, if you are involved with running a business, the simple fact is that Terms & Conditions are a vital part of ensuring that your commercial transactions have certainty.

Helpfully, Norwich based Commercial Contract Consultants, Cracknell Law, was established in 2015 to create a more affordable means for businesses to obtain Commercial and Contract Law advice and assistance.

They specialise in:

* drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing T&Cs and contracts for its client’s business relationships;
* creating Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Cookie Policies for business websites;
* licensing intellectual property rights and software; and
* providing advice on data protection, outsourcing and brand protection.

Cracknell law have a completely different model to traditional law firms and they only work on a fixed fee basis to ensure that its clients have certainty of costs. They also offer quality advice to meet your budget and this allows them to work with a wide range of clients, from start-up companies to international firms.

Cracknell Law provide a hands-on, proactive approach and also offer an outsourced ‘in-house’ legal service which can provide you with your own legal team if required.

They also offer free reviews of your standard Terms & Conditions, so for more information and to see how Cracknell Law can assist your business, please call 01603 339044 or email [email protected]

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