Why Are Facebook Reviews So Important for Business?

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The Importance of Facebook Reviews

If you have any kind of social media strategy for your business you should understand the importance of reviews. If not, don’t panic, we’re here to tell you just why they’re so important. Reviews don’t only help prospective customers – they also help you as the business owner or employee. Whilst providing customers with a level of trust for your business, they can also help you analyse your successes and shortcomings. Reviews are feedback that the entire internet can see, hence why they’re so important. Whether they’re bad or good, they can help you provide more effective services or improved products. Here’s how.

More Sales

Reviews provide credibility and proof for your business. This is why it’s so important to encourage customers to leave them. With around 88% of people trusting online reviews just as much as recommendations from family or friends, it’s essential that your reviews paint a good picture of you. Good reviews will mean prospective customers trust you straight off the bat. This then leads to them feeling informed and making a purchase as a result. If your reviews are negative – expect fewer sales, people are likely to trust the reviews. If they’re bad, they’re not going to trust your business or products for fear of having a negative experience.

Better Communication

Understanding your customer is essential for any business. Reviews are a great way of getting feedback from your clients or customers and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. Take all reviews, whether good or bad and consider what they say. Even if they’re negative you may learn something. Reviews are a non-biased account of your customers’ experiences and as such can provide you with valuable insight into your products or services you may not otherwise have known. If you’re the victim of a negative review, try and understand why, and use the opportunity to turn the negative experience into a positive one. Respond to the public review publicly too, and demonstrate your amazing customer service skills while resolving the issue.

Improved Rankings

You may not think search engines take your Facebook reviews into account, but they do. All reviews and ratings of your business online contribute towards your search engine ranking. The more times your business is mentioned, reviewed or rated online, the more important search engines deem your business to be. Google denies this, but some SEO experts claim that reviews represent around 9.8% of all ranking factors that can be found.

Customer Loyalty

Being able to provide feedback is important for customers. If they’ve had a positive experience with your business, they may feel compelled to take the time to leave you a positive review. Positive experiences lead to customers feeling loyal towards your business and recommending it to their family, friends and the world via the internet. Leaving a review provides the customers with a way of establishing a relationship with your brand or business. Respond to all reviews and thank them for their positive and helpful words. If people see that you are grateful and responsive to reviews, they may take the time to engage with your page more, knowing you take feedback on board.

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