What Does the GDPR Mean For Your Business?

GDPR regulations 2018

GDPR: What It Means for Your Future

The GDPR is coming. If you want your details to be more secure online, then this is a good thing. However, if you are using a huge email list to market your business, or affiliate lead generation sites, the future of your business is set to suddenly become tougher. Businesses are going to become responsible for how they handle data. This means that active consent is required for digital marketing campaigns, especially where individuals are likely to be contacted directly by electronic means.

With this added pressure coming on direct forms of electronic marketing, this is likely to put the shift back onto websites and landing pages. A key part of any website strategy is generating the right traffic. This traffic should then have the potential to turn into business enquiries, leads and eventually loyal customers.

GDPR 2018

But as ever in the digital world. You will not be the only one vying for the attention of online consumers and prospects. You need to have a strategy that encompasses all possible channels and uses your outreach to its maximum effect. Some of the ways that this can be encompassed are as follows:

Social Media Footprint

Are you really using social media to engage with individuals? Is it time to start looking at not only how you’re showing up in the feeds of your potential customers, but what you’re doing to share the messages of others? Provide content and help for similar businesses or partners in your space. You’re sure to get noticed this way. So many businesses that use social media are all about the media and forget about the social aspect.


Is content marketing dead? Or, are we simply looking for a change from the “clickbait” ten top tips articles. These articles have dominated the blog sphere for too long. With many turning away from blogging, this could be the perfect time to up your game in this space. Creating genuine content that has real value for potential customers and demonstrates your expertise in a particular field will always in the day and the attention of new business.

GDPR effectPress Releases

Not only a great way of generating domain authority for better SEO, but also a fantastic broadcast opportunity. Let everyone know what’s happening with your company. Shout about your changes, growth and celebrations – they are important in the wider context of your audience experience. News articles need not simply have a dry representation of the facts. Even the smallest change in your business, if expressed in the difference it makes to your customers, can be exciting and intriguing.

If you want help with improving these three areas that are likely to be key for your business, you know where to come! Omni Search has the expertise to help maximise your opportunities in these key areas. We can generate traffic and interest to bring you more of the right kind of online visitors.

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