How to Give Your Local SEO Content Strategy a Makeover

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Give Your Local SEO Content Strategy a Boost

If you own a local business, dominating the search results in your local area is essential. If you’re not there already, no worries, we’re here to tell you how to improve your local SEO content strategy. From social media to blogs and keywords, this is a quick guide on how to dominate local search engine results.

Ranking for local search is what you should aim for if you want to target a specific town, city or village etc. If you offer a local service or have a physical store, your local audience is the most important to you. Your website sells your brand and business and invites people to come to your store to purchase your products or inquire about your services. The competitors you are up against are other businesses in your local area that offer the same products/services. Standing out amongst them is essential. A good advantage of local SEO is that people often want to purchase from their local community. Supporting local businesses is something most people aim to do, so ensure your local SEO is tip top!

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Keyword Research

Firstly, do your keyword research. You need to know the queries people search for when they’re looking for your service or products. Most people when searching for something local to them will end their query with the town or city. For example, when we consider our own keywords, people would search for SEO agency Norwich, or something similar. Google and Bing give search results based on location if they see the query as one with “local search intent”.  Keyword research can be hard, but one of the best ways of finding long-tail keywords is to imagine what you would type in to find your business.

Local Blog Topics

Writing about local stories, and covering local headlines is a really great way of improving your local SEO content. A blog is a solid content strategy for local SEO and further afield. Use your posts wisely to cover issues that you think your local community may be searching for. Optimise your content that covers local topics with keywords from your keyword research. Use your blog to cover topics you know your audience will find interesting, valuable and relevant. You need to cement yourself as the leading local voice in your industry – the blog space on your site is the perfect place to do this.

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Social Media

Facebook should be a big part of your local SEO content strategy. Your local community will all be connected with each other on Facebook. If your content is interesting and valuable to them, they will share it. When content is shared between those in a community, it has the potential to be more successful, as it involves a local business. Keep your local audience informed by covering topics that are relevant to them. Interact with them, get them to post reviews, and always reply to their comments to create an engaged local audience. Use your local customers as case studies, and compliment them – they are then likely to share this content on. This, therefore, improves the circulation of your content, and the reach.

For more help with your local SEO content strategy, get in touch today. Our main advice is to really get your blog content solid, then move onto social media, engage with your local community through there, then finally, the more complex aspect of implementing keyword research.

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