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Moosey Art Presents “It Follows Me Everywhere” by Muretz

muretz exhibition

A Solo Exhibition by Muretz Presented by Moosey Art

For fans of street art, or really any art in Norwich, Moosey Art is a name you should know. An urban/contemporary art supplier based here in our fine city, Moosey know a thing or two about street art and exhibitions. In early 2017, they decided that conquering one city’s art scene wasn’t quite enough, and so as part of their effort towards expansion, they now take on the challenge of regularly creating some of the best contemporary art exhibitions around the UK.

Their new exhibition solely features the work of Brazilian artist Muretz. The solo exhibition takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of October at 1 Conduit Street, London. You’d be a fool to miss it.

moosey art muretz exhibitionMuretz

Muretz may hail from Brazil, but the language of his art is universal; touching on themes such as loneliness, and detachment. Every person that views his art will take solace in the understanding that all individuals face the same struggles – even those faceless shapes in his paintings understand the struggles of being. The feelings his art provoke are raw and inherently human, but the work itself is so simple and minimal. Colour and busy canvases would detract from the urge to live in the moment that his paintings so easily encourage.

Using faceless, minimal, and usually monochrome designs, Muretz touches on the feelings individuals constantly feel, but rarely voice. The figures in his work are supposed to mimic the feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and detachment that always follow us around. As humans, we are plagued by a constant need for growth, success and happiness, but even when we have this, we are still seeking more. These feelings of mediocrity and dissatisfaction are what lead to Muretz’s ideas of an unshakable loneliness. A loneliness that knows no social confines. A loneliness that everybody has experienced and that takes no prisoners.

The graphics may be simple, but the emotions they evoke are complex. The more you immerse yourselves in them, the more resonance you may feel with them. Ultimately, the more you look, the more attached you will feel to his faceless art in a world full of detachment.

As part of their domination of the street art exhibition circuit, this is one of Moosey’s biggest shows to date. If you’re looking for art that is as emotionally cathartic as it is familiar and accessible, then the “It Follows Me Everywhere” Show is one you shouldn’t miss. Click attending here.

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