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Supreme X CDG Collaboration Set To Be Another Sell Out

Supreme x CDG

Supreme X CDG SHIRT Collaboration Coming Soon – With Expected Supreme Sell Out Times to be the Highest Yet

Another month, another high profile Supreme collaboration. With the Dr Martens collection only just being released and still fresh in people’s minds, Supreme are back again. This time with Japanese high fashion giant Comme des Garçons.

Started in 1969 by founder Rei Kawakubo, her aim was to create a womenswear brand. She designed for women who were “not swayed by what her husband thinks”. Comme des Garçons became popular throughout Japan in the 1970’s for designs that were predominantly black, minimal and relatively unfeminine. With interest in the brand growing into the 70’s, a menswear line was added in 1978. The menswear side of the brand now appears to be the largest, potentially due to the streetwear community taking notice. The interesting cuts and Japanese fabrics, which are known to be of the best quality in the world appeal to streetwear lovers. The beginning of the 80’s was when the European market really started to take notice of CDG. Their debut show was in Paris in 1981. The distressed look and monochromatic feel to the garments appealed the understated European customer.

Supreme x Comme des Garcons SHIRT

Following on from the success of the Comme des Garçons brand, two sub brands developed from it. CDG PLAY, and CDG SHIRT. The CDG PLAY brand is easily recognisable due to the heart shape logo with eyes that is featured on garments and footwear. The logo has become synonymous with Japanese streetwear. Counting celebrities such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake as fans, CDG PLAY is perhaps the most accessible and popular of all the Comme des Garçons brands, owing to its reasonable price points and the hype surrounding it.

supreme x cdg hoodie 2017

Interest in the CDG PLAY line has increased over time partially because of the collaborations this sub brand has co-created. Collaborators include Nike, Jordan, Converse, Louis Vuitton and previously Supreme.

However, this new collaborative effort with Supreme instead features the less well known CDG sub brand. A more exclusive line, the CDG SHIRT brand is handmade in Japan. Japanese clothing is of extremely high quality and craftsmanship, and the fabrics used are sustainable while still luxurious. High quality and long lasting, the CDG SHIRT garments often have a higher price point than their CDG PLAY counterparts.

supreme x CDG shirt

For this Supreme x CDG Shirt collaboration, the two have created an exclusive threeway collab Nike for an AF1 Low. The sneaker is screenprinted with the eyeball print that features heavily in this collection. Though the sneaker retains the minimal silhouette of the AF1, the print and branding from both collaborators stamped on the side are bold. These will no doubt be incredibly hard to get hold of, as all Supreme release sneakers are. They are said to be being released in May, and will drop on a separate date to the rest of the collection.

Supreme x CDG x AF1

As for the main collection, the eyeball print features frequently, when paired with the fit of the two-piece cotton suit and short sleeve shirts, the print seems to hark back to the punk era, but with that suave Japanese touch of relaxed fits and natural fabrics. Fans of CDG will know that the brand is no stranger to irregular prints and patterns.

One of our favourite pieces from this collection is the patent fishtail parka emblazoned with the duo’s branding on the back. Perfect for April showers, the Parka has a hood and drawstring waist too. Though the collection is not receiving kind criticism from the streetwear community, we’ve got to say we do like most of it! Supreme x Comme des Garçons SHIRT will be available April 13th.


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