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Travel & Leisure Group’s Top 5 Luxury Timeshare Resorts

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Top 5 Luxury Timeshare Resorts As Suggested by Travel & Leisure Group

The struggle of picking a holiday resort every year doesn’t get easier. You want to go somewhere you can trust, has great reviews and is well priced. However, if you’ve never visited before, it can be hard to make a judgement. Well, what about guaranteed luxury holidays year after year somewhere you know, trust and love. That’s what timeshare properties offer. There’s plenty of misconceptions surrounding timeshare, but they’re great value, and really take the stress away from choosing a holiday destination each year. If you’ve got young children, a timeshare resort that you’ve been to before can be familiar and relaxing when you know there are great facilities for the kids. Similarly, if you’re a keen golfer or walker, going somewhere you know you can go for a hike or hit some balls is always a plus.

These resorts listed below are timeshare broker Travel & Leisure Group’s top 5 most popular luxury timeshare picks. Dotted around Europe, these resorts all offer something different. From the shores of Loch Lomond to the Mediterranean island of Madeira, there’s a timeshare resort here that will suit all your wants and needs.

Marriott Resorts 

Two of the most popular luxury timeshare resorts are the world-renowned Marriott Resorts. However, these two resorts may be from the same parent company, but could not be more different. First off, we have the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort. Set on soft, sandy shores and situated next to the Don Carlos and Nikki beaches, you’ve got two great choices of where to sit and relax. This resort is perfect for solo travellers and is also a great destination for families and couples too. This is due to the friendly atmosphere of the area.

Alternatively, if you fancy luxury a little closer to home, why not take a look at Marriott 47 Park Street. This Mayfair situated hotel really is the height of luxury. With simply the best in hospitality and a quiet residential setting, this could be your London home away from home.

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Anfi Beach Club and Pestana Grand Hotel

These two resorts both offer sun-soaked luxury. Anfi Beach Club is set on the very family friendly island of Gran Canaria. With multiple pools and a beach on your doorstep, this resort offers true relaxation. There are also a wide variety of on-site bars and food establishments, landscaped gardens and a stunning mountain view. Just sit back on your lounger and take it all in.

Pestana Grand Hotel is situated on the Portuguese island of Madeira and benefits from a mild climate all year round. The region of Madeira is famous for its wine, good food, rich history, culture and its beautiful landscapes. The island is also popular for its outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, and scuba diving due to the wide verity of species with several diving schools available in the local area.

Cameron House

The stunning shores of Loch Lomond provide the setting for this Scottish luxury timeshare resort. Perfect for staycationers and golf fanatics, this resort offers The Carrick, where you can test your golfing skills on either the main course or the hazard-filled, nine-hole Wee Demon course. Perfect for keeping your days full. Cameron House also offers leisure centre facilities, including a pool especially for little ones.

For more timeshare information, visit Travel & Leisure Group.


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  1. Golf Barcelona

    This reminded me when I booked my last golf vacations in Barcelona. I spent the time of my life with my girls in Spain. Barcelona is amazing to play golf and shopping. I loved that girls trip.

  2. Lorie

    Stayed a few nights at the Marriott in Yiwu China and it was amazing great service just as amazing staff. Every need was taken care of. Ive checked into a Marriott hotel for a upcoming New York holiday courtesy of the good folks at hellotraveldeals.com I saved a few bucks and linked my hotel and car rental together. Pictures like the ones above make the best memories 🙂

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