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What is Domain Authority? & What Does It All Mean?

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority, everything you need to know

How do you score on the 100 point scale? Created by Moz, this scale assesses the position of a website on search engines. This scale is an incredibly useful tool to pin one website’s effectiveness against that of another. A website’s power, in accordance to the score, is calculated using all other information retrieved on the website, such as the number of links, MozTrust and MozRank.

Do not rely on this score as a constant figure however; liable to change, using Google’s algorithm, more than 40 signals are incorporated in the composition of the score.

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Focusing on the score itself, what does it mean to score for example 25? Well with 1 being the lowest and 100 being the best obtainable result, 25 would see you just in the bottom quarter for domain authority. An important explicit fact to include is the ease of score increase becomes more difficult as the score itself increases. For example, jumping from 10- 25 is a much simpler challenge than rising the figure from 60-75.

Domain Authority is regularly confused with Page Authority. The defining factor between the two is that whereas Domain Authority processes the power of entire domains and/or subdomains, Page Authority processes the power of a page individually.

There are many blogs and websites alike that offer tips on how to promote your domain authority. The most common and popular recommendations are tips such as creating linkable content, developing strong internal linking and removing unhelpful and unverified links. It’s all about links, and the way your website links in comparison to other websites in one very long and very complex chain.


Why is SEO important?

By using SEO as a tool with the intention of optimising user experience, because let’s face it, the website itself is crucial, the right SEO strategies will subsequently result in increased organic traffic; and of course a higher position. Many argue that money is the most important entity to a business; SEO is cost-effective.

In terms of return on investment, (ROI), compared to expensive means such as PPC advertising or purchasing leads for programmes such as email marketing, the returns are of more value. Campaigns including PPC advertising or social media marketing do, of course, boost image and promote your business, however your online presence is upheld by SEO.

Additionally, SEO is a stabiliser. Tools in place are continuously updating search algorithms, therefore the way websites are perceived changes constantly. Basically, if you fail to construct a profile containing content that is deemed healthy, spread over a months and years, this can instead damage your business.

Modern SEO is dominated by time. Everybody is short of time, so if you create a page full of large quantities of text, the page loses its appeal to potential browsers that are just scanning you page. Attracting someone to view your webpage is only half of the battle. Retaining their attention will also effect the overall score of your Domain Authority, as it’s a metric used in relation to Moz.

This is referred to as Dwell Time and it is based upon two key elements: session duration and bounce rate. These measure how long your webpage has been viewed for, but fundamentally if a viewer clicks further than the first page alone. If you keep your website, short, concise and visually attractive, you’re online presence will improve as a consequence.

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4 Responses

  1. Hello,

    As I am new in blogging and just started with some micro niche blogs and i have also been reading many articles about various topics, including domain authority.

    So, I have confusion in mind, I want to ask that, whether domain authority directly effects search ranking or not?

    If yes, then how can increase DA quickly and how much it will effect my rankings?

    Looking for quick Response.

    Shanaya Aggarwal

    1. Hi Shanaya, thank you for leaving a comment.

      The Omni Search website is new and is only 4 months old, however we started from scratch and made sure that it was hosted on the fasted dedicated server that we could get. Then used Cloud Flare with an SSL (for Trust). Then We made sure that as the site was optimised throughout the entire build: We left no stone upturned. Structure, Images, Internal and External links, micro markup, directory submissions and of course high DA link building. But most of all the content. As long as you have over 300 words on the majority of the pages and it is truly unique, then you can’t go wrong. Citations with your business address will help your trust and citation flow, however social in-page sharing will help your PA, and DA.
      MOZ’s main social signals are Facebook and Google+

      MOZ rescanned our site within 3 months, we believe they did this from the groundwork of Link Building, plus content. And yes, DA and PA with effect your search rankings. If you use Chrome, then I would add the MOZ extension, so you can search your competitor phrases with the DA information under each section.

      I hope this has helped



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