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Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Facebook for Businesses

Facebook for Business Matters and Here’s Why…

Nearly everybody has and uses Facebook. A platform that allows you to connect with friends and family, and share stories has turned out to be one of the most effective platforms for advertising. With specific targeting and the potential to reach thousands of customers you would never otherwise reach, Facebook is hard to beat. In this post, we’ll outline the reasons why your business needs a Facebook page in 2017.

Facebook advertising for business

Increased Exposure & Brand Awareness – With over 1.19 billion users, Facebook has a giant network of users. These users span from teens to the elderly meaning that your target audience will likely be on Facebook. You can find them by targeting through their likes, location and age. Facebook business pages allow your business to “market to the masses” by promoting your products or services via your business page. Facebook ads, allow you to “boost” your content by allocating the desired posts a budget and selecting your target audience for those posts. This means more people that will be interested in the ad will see it, in turn meaning increased brand awareness within your target audience.

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Lower Marketing Expenditure – One of the joys of Facebook for business is that Facebook does not discriminate between small and large businesses. Even when it comes to advertising. Adverts can be run on Facebook by anybody with a business page. The budget and duration of time the ad runs for can be decided by businesses with no hidden costs. Starting a Facebook page costs nothing, so after you’ve exhausted all angles of trying to get organic traffic and likes on your Facebook page, by producing interesting content and engaging with potential customers, you can then try the inexpensive Facebook advertising. When compared to regular forms of advertising, Facebook ads provide you with far more insights. Insights allow you to see the success or failures of your boosted posts.

Facebook advertising for Business

Facebook Insights – This is a free feature for any Facebook business page and should definitely be utilised. Insights allow you an insider peek into how many page likes you have, the reach of your posts, engagement on the page, the people that like your page and allows you to compare your page against your competitors. This information is so valuable to any business, regardless of size. In our opinion, engagement is more important than the amount of likes you have. It means that people are genuinely interested in the content you post as opposed to liking the page, but having very little interest in it.

Brand Loyalty – Brand Loyalty develops as a result of your business publishing consistent, informative and relevant content. If content you post is directly valuable to your target audience, they will trust your business. This trust develops into feelings of loyalty towards it. Loyalty is what drives customers to purchase from you or use your services. They trust and respect your business and value it as an industry leader.Facebook Brand LoyaltyIncrease Web Traffic – Alongside curated content, content your business posts on Facebook should also directly link back to your website. Driving traffic back to your site in turn drives conversions. Look at your Google analytics to determine where referrals are coming from. Social media usually refers around 10-15% if you undertake social advertising correctly. Facebook should greatly increase your website traffic is you have a good content strategy in place. 1/3 of all content should be original or link back to your website.

Mobile – The vast majority of Facebook users access the social platform through their mobile devices. As this trend grows it is becoming ever more important to have a presence on Facebook. With more people spending time on their phones, print and television advertising are becoming less effective. Facebook advertising allows you to get right into your reader’s hands with adverts that seamlessly fit into their news-feeds. As well as advertising, a business Facebook page allows potential customers to get your business contact details, hours of opening, address and reviews all in one place.

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So, if you’re still not convinced, we’re not sure what else to say. Facebook is a platform where you can target your desired audience cheaply and effectively. It will also improve your brand loyalty and trust. If you think it’s just for friends and family, you’re sorely mistaken and missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity. For an example on how to make your business stand out, read this.

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