Artificial Intelligence: Is Your Job At Risk Because of AI Technology?

AI Technology Could Take Your Job, No Matter Your Industry

Experts reassure us that our creative jobs are not at risk from current advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, but are they right? Some freelancers and employees are getting increasingly nervous about how AI could impact their future working lives. There is no denying that machine learning is already beginning to alter many job roles beyond recognition. However, in our panic, are we failing to give the human touch enough credit? Is AI Technology posing a genuine threat to the creative industry, or is it targeting others?

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In some industries, AI-driven technology is already proving itself far more efficient than the human equivalent. This situation is likely to continue. It is particularly true of job roles that involve working to fixed sets of rules and performing repetitive tasks. Specifically, because AI technology and machine learning eliminate the room for human error. Humans also struggle with mundane, repetitive tasks, whereas AI doesn’t. This could be where AI has the edge. But, if the jobs are mundane and boring, surely machine learning is doing humankind a favour? With jobs in the creative industry, human creativity and innovation are what keeps the industry moving. AI technology would find it hard to replicate this.

Which Industries Will be Affected?

The industries most likely to be heavily impacted by AI and machine learning appear to be transportation, manufacture, finance, customer service and healthcare. It seems likely that within these sectors many will find that the introduction of AI technology is not a bad thing. Instead, the technology simply leaves them able to focus on other aspects of their job. As mentioned earlier, the technology could take away those jobs humans genuinely don’t enjoy doing. Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer at Accenture spoke of AI at the recent Dreamforce annual conference for industry leaders in the US:

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“People tend to focus on what the machine can do and what the person can do. But we think the vast majority of the jobs going forward are going to be a fusion of both: in essence, giving people superpowers to do more. Yes, there’ll be jobs that are eliminated, but there’ll be a tremendous opportunity for humans to do new things in new creative ways – work that’s more creative, fulfilling and meaningful.”

So, What About the Creative Industries Themselves?

In the media and marketing industries, we are already seeing benefits to business models. Predominantly in TV advertising, home entertainment and TV and film production. (See Epic Studios’ ‘Is AI Technology Good For The Film & TV Industry?’). It seems that humans will maintain the upper hand in any role that relies on an understanding of nuance, intuition and empathy. And, many still believe that AI is likely to enhance creative roles as opposed to destroying them. The key to remaining of value in the workplace, whatever your job, seems to be a willingness to adapt, improvement of relationship-building skills and to focus on ideas, upon which you can collaborate with others.

Changes and developments generated by AI technologies may be inevitable in the months and years ahead. However, that does not need to spell the end of your worth in a working environment – creative or non-creative. If you liked this, why not read our post about the future of VR. Or, maybe our post on cryptocurrencies.

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