Content Marketing Trends for 2018 You Need to Know

content trends 2018

Our List of Top Content Marketing Trends 2018

Content is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. Whether that’s through written blog posts or video, different forms of content can be utilised in different ways. Each year, new types of content become the most popular, and in 2018 it will be no different. Some types of the content marketing trends you will already be familiar with, and others will be increasing in popularity over the coming year. This is why it’s essential to read this list and stay ahead. Keep on top of your competition with new and effective content marketing. If you have any more suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.


Video as the primary method of content marketing was huge in 2017. On top of this, around 45% of marketers are expected to add Youtube or Facebook video marketing to their strategy in 2018, showing that this trend is not slowing down. Though one of the more time-consuming methods of content marketing, consequently, video marketing is great for engagement. Especially if done well. If you have the ability to create video definitely introduce this into your marketing strategy, as it will set you ahead of your competitors. Video marketing does not necessarily have to be expensive, nor time-consuming. All you need is a smartphone and a tripod. Start with Facebook or Instagram live first of all, then move towards professional video ads or finally an informative video series!

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Voice Search

As the rising use of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa continues, content marketing must follow. Content needs to be written in a way that complements these voice assistants and includes long-tail keywords and a question and answer structure. If somebody was to ask their voice assistant a question, your content needs to appear as an answer. As a result, all content should be optimised for voice search. This trend will only get more important as more people use their voice to search the web.

Future Content

Unfortunately, there is an over-saturation of content available. Content marketing has been hit by a “content shock” over the past few years as more people publish articles on the same topics. This isn’t to say you should stop writing content, quite the opposite. However, you need to make sure the content you publish is fresh, new and if possible on a topic that hasn’t been covered too much. The challenge for content marketing is to analyse what the upcoming trends to write or create about are, rather than those which are already popular. If you think ahead, your content is more likely to be a success, as there is less competition.

content marketing trends 2018

Quality Content

Similarly to future content, quality content is about thinking and analysing your content marketing strategy. Studies have shown that the over-saturation of content on the internet means it is easy for content to get lost. People have been writing short, trend-driven pieces and focusing on quantity rather than quality. In 2018 however, this is set to change. As people tire of reading the same pieces of content on the same few topics, longer-form pieces of content will rise. Fewer posts that are more in-depth and informative will take the forefront. You need exciting, informative content that captures your readers’ attention and leaves them feeling like they have learnt something. Content of value is what you are giving your audience.

What are your predictions for content marketing in 2018? For more 2018 predicitions, read this.

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