Digital Marketing Myths That Need To Be Busted

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 We Set Digital Marketing Rumours Straight…

With digital marketing, it’s not enough to just build a website and expect traffic to visit it. A strategy of social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and paid advertising is essential to get the correct kind of traffic to your site. When the traffic is on the site, content will convert those visitors into customers. Digital Marketing is a competitive and confusing market. Here are some myths about digital marketing we’ve heard that need to be put to bed!

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1. Content Marketing isn’t important – Content marketing is brilliant for SEO, as consistent, relevant content is good for search engine ranking. It also shows your audience you are interested and informed about your industry. Keyword rich blog posts will help your search engine ranking as you will start to rank for topics you write about. The key to content marketing is producing “valuable” content that will benefit the reader. Video content has the opportunity to be easily accessed by your audience and if it is unique, also has the chance to go viral.

2. One Social Media Profile is enough – Social Media, if used correctly is a brilliant asset to any business. Each platform varies in what it is best used for. For example, Facebook allows you to target an audience specifically in one area with their paid advertising, while integrating that paid ad into their news feeds like one of their friend’s posts. Twitter allows you to post regular, informal updates. Instagram gives your audience a visual insight into your business and those behind the scenes. This is why it is essential for businesses and brands to have multiple social media channels, as each social platform allows you to present your audience with information in a new way, or engage with them differently.

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3. Any content on the website is good – Not all content is good content. Your target audience wants to read relevant content that is directly applicable to them. To appear as a front runner in your industry, you want to keep website content relevant and informative. To achieve success with website content, you need to answer questions your audience may have. This way you know that the content is directly relevant. For example, if you are a florist, your content should be a mixture of personal work, industry related and inspirational. Writing about your new car is not the right type of content and could alienate those readers who have come to you for your floristry work.

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4.When SEO is done, it’s done – As an SEO Norwich agency, this is a myth we face a lot. People often assume that SEO is a one-time thing, and that they don’t have to look at it again once their website has been optimised. The truth is, SEO needs to be constantly updated. Frequently, Google will change their algorithms and it can affect search engine results. You may see a drop in traffic, or you may not rank on the first SERP’s for your desired keyword or phrase anymore. In order to combat this, it is important to constantly be aware of SEO. To do this, ensure your blog posts, images and website are all optimised. Also ensure that you continually post high quality content to rank for those keywords.

5. Digital Marketing is website-centric – With the increasing amount of people using their mobile devices to browse and shop as opposed to desktops, marketing is now portable and in the palm of people’s hands. Paid social media advertising means that you as a business are no longer limited to expensive PPC campaigns. Social media marketing is cost-effective and increases brand awareness while also allowing you to specifically target your desire audience. Each social network’s targeting capabilities improve daily.

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6. Social Media Marketing is impersonal – If you know your target audience inside out, then the content you produce and publish on social media should be directly relevant and valuable to them. By fully understanding you audience’s needs, desires, worries and queries, you can make content as personal as you want. Opinion polls are a great way to gauge public reaction as to how successful your marketing campaigns are. Create an incentive for your audience to complete the poll and you can see if your strategy is working. Targeting abilities on social media also allow you to promote your content to exactly the right people.


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  1. Well articulated article thanks. One addition having your keyword in any inbound links to your site can greatly help your seo efforts. it helps the search engines know what your site is actually about. Try a few links with your keyword in and see what happens you will be surprised.

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