December 11, 2017 Lucie Towndrow

What You Should Expect to See in Social Media Reports

understanding social media reports

Track Your SMM Progress by Understanding Social Media Reports

Whether you manage your own social media or have a social media manager, you need to understand social media reports. There are various metrics to measure and analyse how well you’re doing on social media, and monitoring and tracking your social media progress is essential in order to improve. For our social media reports, we tend to focus on likes/follows, reach/impressions, engagement, and top content from the month.


Though seen by some as vanity metrics, it’s important to keep track of your likes and followers. The general pattern of gaining or losing followers is a good sign of whether your content is good or bad. The better the content, the more people see the page as valuable or interesting and will commit to a like. If the content you’re posting isn’t a hit with your target audience, you’ll notice a stream of unfollows. Likes and follows also show you how awareness of your brand is growing. If likes/follows stagnate, it might suggest you’re not reaching new people.


Your potential reach is the number of followers you have, but your actual reach is the full number of people who see the content you share. Normally, unless you run a social advert, the number of people you reach or “impressions” will never exceed the number of page followers or likes you have. To reach an increased audience using specific targeting, running adverts is incredibly effective. Essentially, tracking reach allows you to track your post visibility beyond the followers you already have. Impressions are the potential number of people that have seen your post on a specific social network.

facebook organic reachEngagement

Engagement is monitored by assessing the number of people that like, share or comment on your content. Tracking engagement is useful to know if your audience like your content. If your content resonates with them, provides them with information or is interesting/valuable, then they are more likely to engage. Different types of content can provoke more engagement than others. For example, video and imagery tend to encourage more engagement than just text posts. Knowing what people engage with most helps you plan what to post more of in the future.

Top Content

Just like with engagement, knowing which content has been most successful for you is important to help plan your future marketing strategy. Take note of your most successful topics, types of content and also times you’ve posted that particular content. By monitoring your social media insights, you can also tailor your content more towards your target audience.

For more help with social media, contact us and we can help devise a strategy for you or work with you to create interesting content. Read our article on Instagram ads for more.

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