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Pete Rock and CL Smooth Comes to Norwich


Pete Rock & CL Smooth Celebrate a Hip-Hop Revolution

Omni Search are proud to be the official marketing agent for one of the biggest events of the summer! Along with help from our friends Creative Giant, arts coordinator for the event, Main Source will be hosting a Hip-Hop date that cannot be missed, as two legends come to Norwich to celebrate the official relaunch of Main Source, Sneaker and Streetwear Store.

Main Source and Pete Rock


The Artists

Pete Rock and C.L Smooth are re-uniting as a celebration of their iconic album for the “Mecca and the Soul Brother 25th Anniversary Tour”. This collaboration of artists is responsible for some of the greatest moments in Hip-Hop history. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth made their rap debut in 1991. From the Bronx to Mount Vernon, New York, the pair received high praise all round and individually – Pete Rock for the production and C.L. Smooth for a new iconic flow which gave them a melodic emotional edge.

C.L. Smooth’s lyrical talent is never more obvious than in classics, such as ‘They Reminisce Over You (T. R. O. Y.).’ This song is legendary and unmatched emotionally to this day on the scene. C.L. Smooth and Pete Rock continued on together, until 1 more triumphant album, when the tight pair parted. Their separation left fans with a gap in Hip-Hop that has never been filled.

Pete Rock went on to work with some of the greatest names in Hip-Hop. This highly acclaimed producer has worked with the likes of: Heavy D, NAS, Public Enemy, Kanye West, Gang Starr, Band Nubian, Main Source, EPMD, Redman, Rakim, Reakwon, Big L, KRS 1, Busta Rymes, Method Man, Jay-Z, Tribe called Quest, Run DMC, Talib Kweli and Slick Rick. This iconic pair are now bringing their tour to Norwich!

Pete Rock and CL Smooth

The Host

Main Source will play host to these two Hip-Hop legends this summer. The local Norwich store opened back in 2004 to be reinvented in 2016, getting immediate attention for one of the hot-spots for sneakers that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

This attention only ever grew and Main Source soon opened a bigger store in the heart of Norwich Lanes. From there, Main source supplied the UK, as well as the rest of the world with the hottest kicks online, soon introducing Apparel into the mix too.

The brand is growing but the message remains the same from Main Source: “Knowledge, passion and of course bringing the freshest Kicks and Streetwear brands from all over the world”.

They relaunch with that message firmly in their minds. With a brand new website, brand new owner and even more of the rarest kicks around both in store and on online, Main Source have decided the occasion needs marking in a big way. Check out the latest sneaks from Main Source here

The Event

Main Source proudly relaunch in style, presenting Pete Rock and S.L. Smooth to the Norwich scene. The event will be held at Norwich Arts Centre on 31st August, 8PM- 12.30AM. Supporting the untouchable pair is Galaxy High, as well as no half steppin’ DJ’s such as Chrome, Just One and Leon Nockolds.

£22.50 ADV or £25 On the Door

Available from Norwich Arts Centre, (01603 660352), 

Do not miss the chance to meet Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth before their gig at the Main Source Store. From 4pm, live DJ’s and beer will be on hand to warm you up for the main event. Signed merchandise from the pair will also be available!

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