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This Norwich Streetwear ‘Corner Store’ is Packing Heat

streetwear shop norwich

A Pop-Up Streetwear Store Norwich Locals Need to Know

When we heard about a local pop up shop stocking streetwear, designer vintage and sneakers we knew we needed to check it out. Being sneakerheads and fans of supreme for a long time (before Monday sign-ups and queues around the block) this was most definitely the sort of event we needed to be at. What we didn’t expect to find when we got there was so much deadstock heat and hard to find pieces from some of the largest streetwear brands on the market today.

Supreme in Norwich

Welcome To The Corner Store

The moment you step foot into the studio space turned DIY retail spot you are greeted by a friendly face “welcome to the corner store, if you need a hand give me a shout”. A nice touch and you really get the sense that the guys here are taking this seriously. Ready to talk about what is on display, how they came across each item or the concept behind the artwork. For such a small studio space they really did make good use of what room they had, clothing vendors on each side and a couple of local artists selling prints and pins at the back of the room by the DJ area.

What Did The Vendors Have To Offer?

DesireVTG supplied the vintage garments, stocking sportswear and vintage designer brands like Moschino, Stone Island and Nike to name a few. DesireVTG had an abundance of stock and knowledge to go with it.

Next to him were the three local artists supplying prints and wearable art; Pin-Life, Henry Boon and Jamzeeze, all were friendly and eager to talk about what they do and the inspiration behind their art. Taking pop culture characters, childhood cartoons and musicians and then reworking them into their own styles. The best piece from each artist had to be Jamzeeze’ vector stylised illustration of MF Doom peering through his mask, Henry Boon’s bold and bright take on one of my favourite Jim Carey characters the Mask and Pin-Life’s brilliant (and very crude) pin Chowabunga featuring April O’Neil riding a ninja turtles face.

Last but not least and what we were most looking forward to seeing was the streetwear and sneaker vendor HighDemand, a Corner Store mainstay.  First rail, closest to the door had an abundance of grails cleverly placed to draw any Hypebeast or streetwear enthusiast in. We are talking Supreme photos tees, collaborative The North Face jackets as well as Palace skateboards, Patta and Noah pieces.

Collectors Pieces

Two skateboard racks were on the walls filled with artist series and collaboration boards, not the type you want to ride these are most definitely art pieces you would be proud to hang on your walls at home. Our favourite was the 2015 Supreme x Larry Clark Kids deck. The sneaker rack was filled with some of the best shoes we’ve seen in recent years as well as some classics we never thought would have seen on sale in Norwich, Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1’s, Off-White x Nike Air Prestos, Air Jordan 1 breds from 2013 and Supreme x Nike SB black cement Dunks to name but a few. HighDemand really did have it all, on top of all this they kept a rail free at the back for consignment if customers had items they wanted to flip for some extra cash.

Supreme Skateboards in Norwich

Creating The Community

You can tell the team behind Corner Store put a lot of time and love behind this project.  Not just the carefully curated items on display, but they made sure to hand pick the local DJ’s playing a wide selection of music, from Hip-Hop and House to Funk and Afrobeat. Seamlessly bringing streetwear, sneakers, art and music together. They aren’t looking to jump on people and force a sale, at the same time they aren’t too cool to talk to customers and share their knowledge. The sense of community is obvious, this space is for like-minded people to buy, sell and talk about the items they love. Corner Store are definitely one to look out for in the near future, be sure to check them out on Instagram

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