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Oldest Timeshare Broker in Europe Celebrates 25th Anniversary

25 years of timeshare

Timeshare Broker Travel & Leisure Group Celebrates 25 Years

We’ve got some big news about our friends at Travel and Leisure Group. This year, they are celebrating 25 years in the timeshare business. That makes them Europe’s oldest and most trusted timeshare resale company. Their age and experience make them the only logical choice when it comes to selling or buying timeshare.

The company was started in 1992 by John Hepplewhite and Maria Mills-Farinas. Ms Mills-Farinas still remains the Managing Director to this day, keeping her years of expertise within the business. Travel and Leisure Group started small. Now? They have earnt an excellent reputation as a trusted timeshare broker for pre-owned timeshare all over the globe.

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While there have been anniversary celebrations in past years, this particular milestone was very important to the company. When discussing their quarter of a century in business, Ms Mills-Farinas said, “While we have company outings each year around Christmas, we all agreed that this year’s celebration should be something really special. 25 years is a big milestone for us, and one that we didn’t want to pass unrecognised.”

With this in mind, Travel and Leisure Group staff stepped out in style for the Halloween weekend. The team arrived at a unique Halloween Ball at the well-known Circus in Covent Garden. Circus is a restaurant and bar with a unique circus theme! Everybody had team had a thrilling evening. They celebrated with fancy dress and a pan-Asian meal. Throughout the evening there was also tabletop entertainment from contortionists and trapeze artists. All this provided a great setting to reminisce about how far the company has come.

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A Great Celebration

“It was a great opportunity for everyone to get together, dress up, have some fun, and celebrate our 25th anniversary,” says Conveyancing Manager John Pearce. “With fancy dress being an entry requirement of the venue, the staff really went all-out to make it a memorable night—even the Managing Directors!”

“We are a conventional company that has a traditional way of doing things,” said Operations Manager Sarah Bond. This doesn’t stop the staff from having fun though! “As you will see from the photos, our staff can also let their hair down.” The brilliant fancy dress outfits certainly proved that.

Throughout its tenure, Travel and Leisure Group has counted successes in the thousands. Many clients around the world have been assisted in selling their timeshare weeks and points. This is in no small part due to its multilingual staff. With all client monies held safely by independent trustees (the company’s Safe Hands Guarantee), your protection and assurance remain front and centre. Just one of the reasons Travel & Leisure Group is the most trusted timeshare broker in Europe.

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“We’ve been in business this long, in an industry that has its fair share of turbulence, because we put our clients first.” Sarah continues. “Our 25th-anniversary celebration was our way of remembering where we started, how far we’ve come, and looking ahead as a team to the next twenty-five!”

If you’re looking to sell or buy a timeshare, visit Travel and Leisure Group. Thier years of experience, customer service and multilingual staff make the process a breeze from start to finish.

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